New music; new sound: State of the Music Industry

Posted: September 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

My fellow music lovers, there is no doubt that the music industry is changing and there are rumors that it is even dying, due to many changes in recent technology and media outlets. I am here to tell you that this is not true and that these changes can only benefit the music industry.

One outlet that truly changed the face of the music was Myspace. When Myspace came out and was very popular, musicians were able to create pages where they could share their music, band information, concert dates and locations, and allow them to connect with fans. Fans could in turn, post their favorite band’s music on their home page for all their friends to hear every time they accessed their profile. Should one of your friends like what they hear they can go directly to that band’s page and this can build a following for that band. As Facebook took over as the main social networking site, they allowed for bands to create pages where they could share the same info that was previously shared on Myspace. One great thing that is offered by Facebook is that bands can share all their information as well as videos, MP3 downloads, and even make concert tickets available for sale. There are some social media sites that take this process a step further. To find out more about how social media has strengthened the music industry you can read the blog located at the following link

Not only have sites like Myspace and Facebook allowed fans to keep in touch with their favorite bands, but Twitter as well . I have recently started following Atlantic Records on Twitter and they are the label that one of my favorite bands, Halestorm, is signed to. While randomly reading tweets one day I notice a tweet regarding Halestorm and a dubstep cover made of a song they covered, “All I Wanna Do is Make Love to You” by Heart. The tweet leads to a write up by the band manager discussing how the audio track was taken and played over a dubstep beat. After reading this I decided I had to hear the cover so I went to the link posted on the write up. This allowed me not only to follow up on what Halestorm was doing, but to also discover something new in the music world. This discovery can be credited to Twitter.  Youtube is also a very powerful tool that many young undiscovered artists can use to get their name and brand out there, all it takes is a little bit of talent, a camera and a song to post as a response to a video on Youtube and any young artist can start to generate interest for themselves and possibly become the next big thing.

Also with Twitter, like Myspace and Facebook, it reduces the gap between artist and fan which is covered in and article called “Twitter Power: How Social Networking is Revolutionizing the Music Business”, along with many other examples of how Twitter connects artists and fans as well as fans with other fans.

Although with new technology an instant computer to computer connection, which can lead to easy free sharing of music, but this will not lead to the end or the destruction of the music industry. Although artists and record companies take a hit from file sharing, a great deal of their profit comes from live concerts, appearances, and royalties from their work. So I don’t see technology doing much damage to the music industry in this respect. I feel that the benefits or close fan to artist interaction and the ability to discover new music genres and artists will allow record companies and producers to see exactly what the consumer wants and start to sign artists that fit those desires and in the end will only make things more listener friendly.


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