Scotty’s and Social Media

Posted: September 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

Social media had become a great tool in the marketing world, especially for newer business because social media sites a free excluding the cost of having an employee to run the site. One business that I have noticed using social media to their advantage is a business local to Muncie, IN, called Scotty’s Brewhouse. I have actually been following Scotty’s on fan page on Facebook. They use this page to interact with customers, post deals and specials that they are offering for the week, and even use it to post job listings and internships at their corporate level. They also use Foursquare so patrons can check in and when they do they have receive discounts on their meals. I feel that this has made them successful and allowed them to build their reputation in college towns across Indiana as well as online which has allowed them to spread out to the Indianapolis area. If they keep using social media in the way that they have, I see a great opportunity for this restaurant to start to franchise across the country.


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