Music in Your Pocket

Posted: September 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

In today’s fast paced society, technology is always changing and it is changing at rapid rates. It feels like every few months the latest and greatest gadget is hitting the market. With this new technology comes a change to the industry that the new piece of technology is emerging from. One such gadget is the iPod from Apple. According to, the first iPod was released in October of 2001, in the past ten years there have been so many different versions and generations of the iPod(the most recent is the iPod0 Touch 4G).

The most obvious change that the iPod has brought to the music industry is that it allows people to have all of their favorite music in their pocket or in the palm of their hand. Before the iPod there were was the Walkman and other portable CD players, with the portable CD players it was very difficult and almost an inconvenience to carry anything more than  one or two CD’s and the CD player at one time. With the iPod you can have several thousands of songs and albums on your possession at any given time. Because of this the iPod has completely diminished record sales and has completely altered the sale of music. In order to promote the sale of iPods, Apple created iTunes as a way for people to purchase music and have it automatically downloaded to their iPod. Due to it’s convenience and ease of use, the innovation of the iPod has completely changed the music business. This brief video gives a good explanation of how the iPod took over so quickly as the leader of the MP3 and digital music world.


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