Interactive Design

Posted: November 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

Over all I found this presentation to be very interesting and informative, especially the section covering Intuitive Interaction. I feel like what I took from it is information that will be useful to me in my planned career of marketing when in comes time for me to work on developing different marketing strategies.

The first point that I really found useful to my intended career path was the idea of Intuitive Interaction it self in that the goal is to minimize the time people need to spend thinking about how to operate a system, or in many cases a product. This idea may seem simple, but it is very important. In today’s fast paced society people don’t want to purchase a product that they are going to have to spend time reading directions to try and figure out. Many people realize the opportunity cost of the time spent trying to learn a complicated system and they want to be able to use their system to it’s fullest as soon as possible. They want something they are familiar with or something that expands an existing idea and it must be easy to use. Like discussed in the presentation the iPhone does a great job of following this idea. It builds off of two existing ideas, the iPod Touch and the cell phone. It’s a new product, but not a new idea. It’s also a very easy to use system.  As you can see the apps are labeled clearly  and the user knows exactly what they are clicking on and exactly what it does.

Under Interactivity Design there were a few concepts that I found very interesting, one of them was Human Perception and the idea of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts and how it goes along with Design and Aesthetic Theories. If you have too much going on in the background of a website it can distract the browser from the content. For example if you were to go to you would find a website that has a background with a lot of images and videos that distract the user from the actual content of the site. If you go to you will find a website with a white background with important content in the upper left hand corner, to follow the “F” pattern and in a dark navigation bar that allows for content to pop. To keep the page interesting images will continuously change on the white background.

These three topics were some of the most important ideas that I took away from the presentation and could see myself using in my future career. I was so intrigued by Interactive Design that I decided to drop one of my courses for next semester and postpone it to a later semester so I could take the design course next semester and not go over 18 credit hours.


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