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Posted: December 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

Digital media and technology has had so many impacts on our society and lately has progressed to heights that quite literally were only possible in our imaginations and could only be found on a Hollywood set. Yes technology has made all of our wildest dreams become realities, but it is the dreams that we must never lose because without them there is no creativity and as a result no way that we would have what we do today. In the article Living in a Dream World, under the section A Key to Creativity, (http://web.ebscohost.com/ehost/detail?sid=e0b20225-4199-442b-96cb-197b6dcbec5a%40sessionmgr104&vid=1&hid=106&bdata=JnNpdGU9ZWhvc3QtbGl2ZQ%3d%3d#db=aph&AN=59264840) it is stated that those who can catch themselves day dreaming are more creative than those who cannot. This day dreaming can allow you to escape what is going on at a specific moment in time and can allow us to make sense of the many stimulants that we are exposed to in any given day and can allows us to think of new ways to approach the problems we are confronted with.

One of the places where technology has taken us to new levels is in business, and more specifically marketing and advertising. The focus of marketing and advertising is to get your product or your company in the eyes of consumer and try to convince them that they should invest in your business. With the invention of cell phones and the many updates made to them marketers have been able to go directly to potential customers through mobile marketing. Two articles, 8 Key Mobile Marketing Trends(http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/20034/8-Key-Mobile-Marketing-Trends.aspx)  and Five Can’t-Miss Mobile Marketing Trends for 2010 (http://smallbiztrends.com/2009/12/five-cant-miss-mobile-marketing-trends-for-2010.html) go into more depth about how markets have been attempting to go right to the finger tips of potential customers. Some ways that they do this are by texting and emailing customers about deals and specials, coupons, or information about new products. In the Five Can’t-Miss Mobile Marketing Trends article, research shows that people from (18-29) see their phone as their most important device. It just so happens that this demographic is also a large consumer group and has a great willingness to spend. The use of technology has greatly opened up the market place and has lead to a great deal of business transaction in consumer society.

Business isn’t the only place where technology has been making a great impact, its impact can also be seen in some of the more leisurely sides of our society as well. This impact can be seen bringing about some more “Hollywood” ideas. One of the biggest effects can be seen coming from augmented reality. AR can be best explained visually by the new BMW commercial at the nine second mark. . This is currently just alive in Hollywood, but thanks to augmented reality it will not belong before you will be able to own a car that has all the gauges and GPS’ projected on the windshield. National Geographic’s article the “Revealed World” (http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/big-idea/14/augmented-reality) discusses how this same technology is already available for smartphones and is even being developed for use in glasses. Users are able to hold up their smartphone to their location and the program will bring up restaurant reviews, locations of attractions, gas stations and their prices, and even a GPS.

This has led to the newest update in technology and that is in the television industry.   The first way the televisions will be improved is through making it more user driven by incorporation Artificial Intelligence (AI).

 AI will make television more customized and will give users more choice of what content they want to view and can in theory read the users mind. This will make the television experience more special and more engaging for everyone who watches. AI will also be able to allow users to communicate with their television and other appliances, another idea that for years was only able to be done in Hollywood. Both “Disruptions: A TV That Can Read Me” (http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/12/04/disruptions-a-tv-that-can-read-me/) and “Xbox Upgrades Aim to be ‘Future of TV'” (http://www.cnn.com/2011/12/05/tech/gaming-gadgets/xbox-upgrades-microsoft/index.html) discuss how the Microsoft company has developed a way for users to talk to and use their body movements to control their TV. This will end up making televisions more user friendly by eliminating the need for multiple remotes and allowing users to be able to control their television from virtually anywhere in the house. This technology can even be, and most likely will be, used for other household appliances and will make our home life simpler and our homes smarter.

Technology has greatly advanced and has brought some very cool and very useful advances to our society.  These advances will end up greatly benefiting our society. I look forward to seeing some of the great inventions and improvements that people will dream up and can only imagine how fast they will get here.


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